Book 1: Witherstone

The Witherstone Trilogy is the story of a girl fighting to save her family.

“Witherstone is a really outstanding read – good old-fashioned storytelling, in the very best sense; engaging and gripping as only the most skilfull writing can be.” Gordon Askew.

In the first book of the Witherstone trilogy, Hephzibah Creswell discovers that she and her family have a mysterious and deadly enemy.

When the Plague sweeps through her village, ‘Eppie’ tries to save her sister’s life, but her actions unleash devastating consequences for her whole family.

A sinister and gripping tale of mysterious enemies with murderous intentions, Witherstone is set in the years following the English Civil Wars in a society riddled with social inequality, religious turmoil and fears of witchcraft. And where a girl is fighting to save her family.

“One of the most exciting books – ever! I really loved it and can’t wait for the next one to come out.” Hattie, 14, Lancashire.

“A gripping read … I couldn’t put it down.” Chris, 47, Lancashire.

loved this … It’s an enormously tense story … knowing there are more I’m gagging to see what happens next!” Sian, Manchester.

“It’s genuinely ‘unputdownable’, and was still circling through my mind long after I’d finished.” Scraggle Hag, Amazon reviewer.

“The plot is gripping and the narrative carries the story with pace, creating a feeling of deep unease as Eppie uncovers the truth…..I can’t wait for the next instalment.” Chris Caretaker, Amazon reviewer.

‘the first book in the trilogy and it grips you from the start. Witchcraft and mystery are at the heart of this tale – its characters are well defined and the storyline well thought out. Such a cliff hanger ending!!’ Waterstones, Preston

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Witherstone is crossover fiction, enthralling adult readers and young adults alike.


The first book in a trilogy,Witherstone is available in paperback, and for Kindle and iPad, from and – and is in Waterstones, Preston and Broadhursts Books in Southport.

The second and third books in The Witherstone Trilogy, The Hunt Begins and The Book of Shadows also available in Waterstones, Preston, Broadhursts Books in Southport, and on Amazon.



Carrion Crow close-up on banner courtesy & ©Darren Chapman of .

Background & Witherstone banner montage image, and all other crow pictures including front cover material ©J. A. Brunning .


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