J A Brunning

J A Brunning grew up in Leicestershire, England, spent several years in Norfolk, and is now based in Lancashire.

Her first novels are The Witherstone Trilogy, set during the 17th Century just after the English Civil Wars, and she is now working on a new novel, Ivan Wolf.

When she’s not writing, she spends most of her time involved with writing, reading, books, and libraries, delivering freelance creative writing workshops and writing and reading development projects across Lancashire and the North West, including mentoring and critique, and can be contacted at ribblebabel underscore 1 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

J. A. Brunning was formerly the project co-ordinator for the Lancashire Writing Hub in the North West UK for over 2 years, and before that was a University lecturer for some years at UCLan, teaching a variety of English Literature courses and Creative Writing, including developing and teaching an MA in Writing for Children. 

She also writes short stories, and has written a stage play based on the lives of three women Pre-Raphaelite artists, The Loom, which was performed at St. Peter’s Arts Centre in Preston by Penelope’s Web Theatre Company. 

She also keep bees, but has no plans to give away any of their secrets.

You can contact her at the email address above or sometimes she can be found on facebook and Twitter @ribblebabel when she should be getting on with her writing.

J A Brunning blogs at Ribble Babel.



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